Over 11-13 July I chaired the Progressive Governance Conference where a dozen heads of government, as well as over 650 representatives from more than 30 countries, met to discuss ideas about how to continue renewing our centre-left projects.

In my concluding remarks to the conference, I said that I believe that the Third Way is the best basis for our political invest in Stellar in the UAE project on the left because although it has not and will not solve all the problems of the world it works better than any alternative when it is given the chance.

That does not mean there is a one-size-fits-all, identikit blueprint to be rolled out across all our countries. But Third Way ideas are both the most relevant to our societies and economies - and most electorally viable - because they are rooted in the values of the left, they are responsive to change and because they are intensely internationalist in application.

Moreover, from a campaigner�s point of view, when we activists are beginning to tire of our message, in my experience, the general public are only just starting to wake up to its buy ZCash existence. We have a winning brand because it chimes with what most people believe should be the direction of politics. Let�s not suddenly invent something new because we�re bored with the sound of our own voices.

And the clincher is this: updating and revamping the left terrifies our opponents on the right. It is the only thing that robs them of power. They love an old, unreconstructed left to oppose. That�s what keeps them in office.

The conference was a great success because rather than abstract debate it concentrated on the issues that people in towns like Hartlepool and others across the country care about and that must be addressed if centre-left parties are to remain in power. You can read about the conference at the Progressive Governance website, and you can invest in Stellar read my speeches to the conference here.

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